Big Pine Lake is rather large and can get deep in certain spots; be sure to swim safe and keep life jackets on while on the water. Respect all wake areas and residents living off the lake. Please operate your watercraft at safe speeds especially when coming or leaving the landing and docks.

Child Safety and Supervision
We love watching all the kids having fun with all there is to offer but ask parents to be responsible for your children's safety. The beach does not have a lifeguard on duty so please stay close to your child at all times. The use of our game room, playground and bathroom facilities are for everyone to enjoy so please observe them. Any motorized vehicle should be operated in a safe manor and used at a safe speed to get you to and from your site or cabin. Finally, we ask you to have lots and lots of fun making memories with your kids!

We ask that you NOT shoot off any fireworks on the resort premises. Doing so may be grounds for immediate eviction. The good news is Big Pine Lakes Association puts on a fireworks show every July so it's a perfect night to enjoy a show on the water!  Along with the town of Finlayson with their 2 day 4th of July Celebration.

We love pets and allow them at Waldheim however our only two pet friendly cabins are Bayview and Evergreen and Edgewater Cottage. Our Breezy, Edgewater and Hillside have been designated as pet and smoke free zones. If your pet does decide to vacation with you there will be a $15 per day pet maintenance charge and will be financially responsible for any damages caused by your pet.

To respect all guests we ask that your pet be leashed at ALL times, per State Health Department law. Noisy animals or pets with anti-social behavior are not welcome.

Please clean up after your pet or walk it in a primitive area. Pet droppings not cleaned up and pet destruction will not be tolerated. If your pet is use to being on furniture, please bring a blanket for it to lie on.

No dogs on the beach.  If your dog enjoys swimming please do so at the boat landing and enjoy!

If you leave your pet unattended in the cabin, it must be in a kennel or you must bring your pet with you. You will be asked to board your pet in town if this policy is not followed.