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There is lots of fun to be had while at the Resort. Get a group together and head up towards store and office to the volleyball nets to play a game of volleyball, shoot some hoops with our basketball hoop, and go play horse shoes with friends.

Your kids will enjoy having fun at the playground while you relax on one of the many chairs close by. Or perhaps get some water balloons on that warm day and enjoy a game from years past of a water fight with your kids.

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Campfire Connections

Sometimes its nice to warm up by a camp fire and connect with others, and with your own fire pit you'll be able to enjoy that with your friends and family. Grab your roasting forks and heat up some hot dogs for dinner and then go onto making smores while telling ghost stories, singing songs, enjoy some drinks and stir up some singing while you enjoy connecting up around the camp fire.

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Relax On Shore

Your on vacation so find your way to relax; and with so much to do you have options. When the temps sore and you want to catch some sun you could either go down to the beach or relax on your deck and enjoy a cup of lemonade.

Have you ever seen a night sky so alive with stars? Perhaps you might even catch a falling star! Maybe your looking to unplug from it all and grab a movie and watch it while relaxing in your cabin.

The good news is even when you disconnect from the fast pace of life you can still connect in via WiFi high speed wireless internet via your laptop or mobile device. What way do you like to relax?

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