Big Pine Lake offers some of the best water for water skiing, diving, and jumping off the pontoon into the middle of the lake. We have canoes, pontoons, boats (row and motor), and pattleboats available or bring your own watercraft to get out and have some fun!

Take on the scenic tour and explore the lake, slow down as you go under the underpass to the south side of Big Pine Lake and take in the wild life you see along your journey. Print the Big Pine Lakes North Map and you'll find the lake has lots of variety and lots sights to see. Or head south to the underpass and journey using the larger DNR Map of Big Pine Lake for even deeper water taking in the wild live that can be found near the waters edge.

Watercraft Per Hour 1 Day 3 Day 5 Day 7 Day Chauffer

14' Aluminum Boat w/Oars & Anchor

  <-- Included With Cabin Stays -->  
14' Aluminum Boat w/Motor   $115 $285 $305 $425  
Pontoon - Canopy - 6 person capacity   $155 $375 $445 $625  
Pontoon - Canopy - 10 person capacity   $195 $450 $560 $785  
Pontoon - Canopy - 14 person capacity   $225 $600 $710 $995  
Ski & Fishing Boat   $450 $1275 $1875 $2625  
Bayliner Ski Boat           $125 Per Hour
Paddle Boat   <-- Included With Cabin Stays -->  


  <-- Included With Cabin Stays -->  
Kayak   <-- Included With Cabin Stays -->  
Other Non-Motorized Watercraft   <-- Included With Cabin Stays -->  
Boat Dock   <-- Included With Cabin Stays -->  
Marine Battery   $55 $120 $200 $280  
Trolling Motor w/ marine battery   $115 $285 $305 $425  
Water Ski and/or Tube Rental   $10        
*1st tank of fuel included
**Damage Deposit (Refundable Price is 1st day rental) REQUIRED of Motorized Watercraft & Signed Waiver / Instruction of Operation REQUIRED

Print This Map Big Pine Lakes Map